Quotes & Testimonials

Sarah Swenson and Vox Dance Theatre both taught and performed at 24th Street Theatre for our esteemed Saturday Explorer Series. Both their art and their pedagogy are superb. The program that Vox was included in was a series dedicated to family audiences. But their work, even though very sophisticated with rigorous human themes, was very accessible to the children as well as their parents, because it was excellent art. They conducted a movement workshop the day before their performance with children from our community. The teaching was so engaging, clear and connected that Vox was able to take a select group and include them in what was a very specific and disciplined dance piece the following day. It was quite impressive how the children had such confidence and were successfully able to be part of a professional performance in such a short time. Vox explores important human struggles in their material, and this beautiful disciplined movement matched with rigorous thematic work, transcends gender and age. A very diverse audience, multi-ethnic children and adults together, were able to share in this lovely experience. And 24th Street Theatre was proud to have them on our stage.
~ Debbie Devine, Artistic Director, 24th Street Theatre.

"Sarah Swenson...a passionate caring for humankind is her artistic motive force."
~ Simone Forti

“…an outstanding outlier…”
~Kris Eitland, San Diego Arts Online

"After witnessing the beautifully evocative Fimmine, choreographed by Sarah Swenson and performed by her company of women, Vox Dance Theatre, I felt transported into a deep and sacred place, a place that harkens back to ancient ritual and theater. The choreography, grounded in the classical modern dance tradition, yet contemporary and edgy, was impeccably crafted with many layers of imagery, nuance, emotional textures, and an ongoing stream of expressive and richly dynamic movement. The seven performers created a powerful ensemble, sharing in the intimacies of womanhood. Yet, all stood out as individuals with their own unique expression. The work touched me in an emotional and kinesthetic way, and was pleasing visually to experience, as the dancers, costumed in their voluminous bridal gowns, swirled, coiled and unfurled themselves through the space. I was blown away and totally satisfied." 
~ Cheryl Banks-Smith, Dance Educator/Choreographer

“Also of note is Vox Dance Theatre…the all-female troupe, clad in bridal-wear, cavort barefoot together in a show of sisterhood. Like the alluring sylphs of the Romantic era, they demonstrate the playful yet headstrong nature of young women bound together by their situation and sex. It is a visual treat with beautifully crafted choreography by Sarah Swenson.”
~ www.theskinny.co.uk

"...glorious gazelles..."
~ Dance Magazine

"...wonderful rollicking, hunkering wildness..."
~ New York Times

"...Swenson has a good ear for music, and her three-movement "Fimmine" -- set to a Philip Glass score and also on the bill -- is an emotionally effective take on wedding rituals: Swenson and another sextet, clad in an array of nuptial gowns, manipulated the dresses' trains, the swooshing sounds a boon before the skirts were doffed. Rife with metaphoric suggestions, the piece also featured the bridal brigade leaping, running and pairing off, their mouths sometimes open wide and their unison moves a counterpoint to Swenson's solo swirling."
~ Los Angeles Times

"[Fimmine]...deeply moving...a magical work..."
~ Michael Menegon, Toronto International Dance Festival

"...Sarah Swenson...wedded her lyrical choreography, "Ancestors," an homage to modern dance pioneers, to the music of Philip Glass. Punctuated with fugues, Swenson and eight other women beckoned with lovely arms, collapsing into powerful lunges and weaving intricate line formations as the swirling-gowned damsels called to mind a garden of Greek statuary..."
~ Los Angeles Times

"Sarah Swenson is one of the best choreographers on the West Coast. Her work is full of beautiful movement, drama and unexpected twists and turns...Vox Dance Theatre should be celebrated everywhere dance is presented..."
~ Jeff Slayton

"...solidly rooted in the feminine soul..."
~ Marie de la Palme

"...Swenson's choreography was honest and clean, stripped of unnecessary encumbrances. Their performance was enthralling, infused with both tenderness and strength - the element of surprise invigorating..."
~ David Waite

"...a strong display of innovation and excellent dancing..."
~ Daily Breeze

"...Sarah Swenson is hypnotic...her dance is refined and heartfelt. Her countenance is radiant."
~ The Seal Beach Sun